Danish Farooqui

"There’s an effortless charm to what he does." - Allen Adams, The Maine Edge

Acting Clips

Acting Reel

CATALYST by Kelby Brooks, and Collin Travis
Monologue from The Spring Storm by Tennessee Williams. Character Richard Miles.

My Superpowers monologue written by Lucy Wang. Pearl Theatre West 42nd Street. 

UK Teen. “Bend It Like Beckham” theatre audition

Hindi commercial audition

From Escape Room Madness: Apocalyptic Mission cred: Nathaniel and Leonard at Escape Room Madness in NYC
Bare Knuckled by Alden Gagnon, Jay Cobian, Danish Farooqui, Suzanne Kennedy


Santa Fe audition cut Newsies by Alen Menken, Harvey Fierstein, Jack Feldman. Jack Kelly from Newsies. Paul Harman Musical Theatre Workshop. Recorded by Paul, Accompaniment by Joe. Recorded at Ripley Grier 520, NYC.

Music and Lyrics by Sam Cooke. Performance by Danish Farooqui at the Cranky Cabaret NYC. Production and Video by Kristofer Holtz

Skill Demos

A compilation of combat and athletic scenes taken from my film and stage work.

Just tricks for fun.
English Spanish Urdu Punjabi Hindi
Credit to Matt Dobbins, Laris Macario, Sarah Mercey, Honey St. Dennis and Jay Dunigan. Nhap Mon Quiyen Vovinam form 1
A Shoebox by Danish Farooqui and Jay Dunigan